What is Share a Secret?

In short

Share a Secret enables you to send Secret Content via a Link. Easy!
You can create one right now if you want to!


At the moment Share a Secret supports Text and Credentials. More to come!

How often can my secret be viewed?

Each Link with its secret can be viewed exactly once!

Is my data secure on the Server of Share a Secret?
Who can view it?

Your secret is encrypted with a modern and open library. The key to decrypt (this means, to view it) is not saved in the database of Share a Secret.
To decrypt a Secret you need to use the correct Link, which contains the secret key to view the data.

This also means, that if you loose the correct Link, you will not be able to see the contents of the secret again!

Why is there no cookie banner?

We do not save any non-necessary information. The single cookie enables session data, and that's it.
No cross-site tracking. No advertiser targeting. That's a promise!

How to reach you?

You can direct your questions to question[at]share-secret.com